28 December 2017

Buckle Up, It's Gonna Get Bumpy

“There is a change in the trend where automation has taken the driver’s seat to propel cost efficiency and utilisation of human resources for less mundane and routine work,” N Shivakumar, business head of recruitment process outsourcing at TeamLease, said.
That's some fancy doublespeak there! But behind the euphemisms, what this article is talking about is that first distant cracking from the ice - that sound that all kids who grow up in the frozen north know means it's time to get the fuck off the pond.

You've been warned.

15 December 2017

A Very Good Framework

I love frameworks.

This framework for decision-making around new business and product opportunities is one of the best I've ever been exposed to.

Take your opportunity and map it onto the framework based on both Market and Technical Viability (from unproven to proven in each case).

From this you'll learn:
  • How to pursue
  • What the target win rate should be
  • What the likely impact will be (from exponential on the lower left to incremental on the upper right).