19 February 2017

Sometimes if it walks like a duck

I'm just gonna leave this here for all you Uber-apologists...

I look forward to your rationalizations and victim-blaming.

Update: Here is the list of those who have invested in Uber.

Another Update: For those saying "this time it's different, this time tech will fix this shit" - just go read the Hacker News comments. Tech is a cesspool that should be burned with fire.

09 February 2017

Oh so smart

This is addressed to everyone in the tech biz who talks about how smart they are, and about how the cream rises to the top in this "meritocracy."

Here's today's Smartest Man in the Room demonstrating just how fucking stupid many people in tech are.
"...commerce is a powerful, underestimated form of expression..."
I'd love to be able to say that Mr Lütke is being cynical and manipulative, but sadly I think he actually believes he's right. And that is the most depressing and frustrating thing ever.

To think I once thought the tech industry would change the world for the good.

06 February 2017

consolidation coming

This is a GREAT short piece by Fred Wilson.
Because backing startups on a field tilted in the favor of the incumbents is not fun and not particularly profitable either.
A piece of advice to all my friends invested in or working at start-ups in spaces like e-Sports... It's time to re-run your models. Distribution and delivery is about to change for all of you. You'll want to understand Carriage. And you might want to think about getting a very good Corp Dev person in. Quickly.

31 January 2017

European Soccer Hair

I was cleaning out a drawer and discovered this.
If I had to guess, I'd say it was taken in 1977.

10 January 2017

Unpopular Thesis

Strategy as a business strength implies that you are hugely nimble and flexible or have incredible contingency planning. The only reliable alternative to Strategy as a business strength is a rabid commitment to experimentation, self-cannibalization and innovation. Executional excellence alone will never be a replacement for choosing one of those two.... over the long term.

19 December 2016

Litmus test

This one is simple...

What percentage of those of you screaming and frothing online about this election will stop using Uber?

Just uninstall the app... That's all. 
So easy...

What percentage will choose their beliefs, values and ethics over comfort and convenience?

Just click "uninstall app" and watch Uber's churn numbers rise.

You want my guess? I bet 90% of y'all have the app on your phone 30 days from now. I bet at most 10% of you actually have any spine, courage or commitment. I bet almost all y'all are nothing but talk.

You don't like my odds making?
Prove me wrong.

I'm begging you.

07 December 2016

Ethics are Required

Jews are evil. Muslims need to be eradicated. And Hitler? Do you want to know about Hitler? Let’s Google it. “Was Hitler bad?” I type. And here’s Google’s top result: “10 Reasons Why Hitler Was One Of The Good Guys” I click on the link: “He never wanted to kill any Jews”; “he cared about conditions for Jews in the work camps”; “he implemented social and cultural reform.” Eight out of the other 10 search results agree: Hitler really wasn’t that bad.  - "Google, Democracy and the Truth about Internet Search," The Guardian

I've said it so many times already, and I fear that I will have to keep on saying it forever…. but just as students studying Nuclear Physics in school are required to take Ethics in Science, students in MBA and CS programs absolutely must be required to take Ethics (in Business or in Technology) courses.

For fuck's sake people... if the implications and the consequences and the trade-offs are not already clear to you then you're willfully denying reality.

Fix. Your. Shit.