24 April 2008

Looking for a Funny-Shaped Peg

Do you think like an Account Planner? Is the moment when the overwhelming fog of data conflicting with goals and objectives clears and the pieces fall into place like crack to you?
Do you work like a Group Account Director? Do you love the moment when a client starts talking about "we"?
Do you live like a Strategist? Are you restlessly curious - a constant meddler and dabbler and explorer who loves nothing better than proving yourself wrong?

If you are one of those rare "funny shaped pegs" who says "hell yeah" to all the above - well then you know how frustrating a "normal" job can be. Having to draw arbitrary lines around what you can do - creating fake constraints on where you get to play. It sucks, right?

Well then... do I ever have the job for you.

If you've managed and lead clients; have developed and delivered strategic insights and process; and have created plans and tactics -- within a design and creative services context -- this could be the dream for you.

Come and join a bunch of design-obsessed funny shaped pegs like you.

Send email to jobs@method.com with the subject line, "Principal, Client Services".

Tell them Chris said they were looking for funny shaped pegs. They'll know what you mean.


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