25 February 2008

Can you say "Duh"?

From AdWeek today...

Portals rose to prominence based on the theory they were one-stop shops for users and advertisers. But as the Internet has matured, users have increasingly spent time on social networks and niche sites. Now advertisers are following their lead.
On the one hand all I can say is "Thanks Captain Obvious."
On the other hand... if this helps the advertising world (and our clients) understand that Portals are dying and that we've passed the point of Media Saturation... then Great!

Now... all snarkiness aside, I think that it's interesting that they note that this is not just about social networks - but also about Niche sites. I fear that folks are going to simplify the situation and say "it's all about Social Networking!!"
It's not.

Oh... and perhaps my favorite fact is that, despite issues with audience and issues with pricing and value -- the agency that produced the data still increased their spending on Portals.
No-one ever said we were smart.


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