24 March 2018

Aloha SF

08 February 2018

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10 January 2018

This is not normal

This is to the young man wearing the Tilt hoody on the inbound T train this morning.

I don't care if it was a norm in whatever frat house incubated you, taking your shoes and socks off and trimming your toenails on public transit is NOT okay.

Just... No.

28 December 2017

Buckle Up, It's Gonna Get Bumpy

“There is a change in the trend where automation has taken the driver’s seat to propel cost efficiency and utilisation of human resources for less mundane and routine work,” N Shivakumar, business head of recruitment process outsourcing at TeamLease, said.
That's some fancy doublespeak there! But behind the euphemisms, what this article is talking about is that first distant cracking from the ice - that sound that all kids who grow up in the frozen north know means it's time to get the fuck off the pond.

You've been warned.

15 December 2017

A Very Good Framework

I love frameworks.

This framework for decision-making around new business and product opportunities is one of the best I've ever been exposed to.

Take your opportunity and map it onto the framework based on both Market and Technical Viability (from unproven to proven in each case).

From this you'll learn:
  • How to pursue
  • What the target win rate should be
  • What the likely impact will be (from exponential on the lower left to incremental on the upper right).


27 October 2017

How to always win

"I never lose. I either win or I learn." - Nelson Mandela 

09 October 2017

Please punch yourself in the face

I can't even.

So... this article is not only Exhibit #3098247 demonstrating the insane, over-the-top arrogance (and ignorance) of Designers - it's also a perfect illustration of Tech's willful blindness when it comes to its own shit.
"Exclusive: Meet The Designer Who Could Reshape Uber"
No designer is going to "reshape Uber" unless they also happen to be the CEO, the Board Chair or perhaps a senior person in the US Gov't. Thinking otherwise (much less saying so) isn't just arrogance - it's psychotic.
"The company’s new VP of design, Michael Gough, is a former architect who wants to make the maligned company more empathetic."
You want to make Uber more "empathetic?"
Start by replacing most of the BoD. Then a bunch of the exec team. Then many of the managers. Then a ton of the engineers. Oh... and also your HR team, and your processes, and your policies.
I mean... for fuck's sake, the person writing this is ostensibly a "journalist." How hard is it to go and read the stuff on the Holder report.

I'm super sorry it makes you feel helpless, but better UX ain't fixing SHIT at Uber.
"But can design fix what is ultimately a PR problem of global scale?"
In all seriousness - go fuck yourself.

What is going on with Uber isn't, and has never been, "a PR problem" and saying so is not only incorrect it's immoral.

If you genuinely believe that what's going on with Uber is a "PR" issue - then you're saying that all the things that Uber has done (and continues to do) are totally fine, and that the problem is the way all of this is perceived.

And if that is the way you feel, again and with all due respect - go fuck yourself.
"This arc, all of the [PR] challenges aside, is a natural arc. The next big step is to become a company that’s really, really good at connecting with people and people’s needs."
"All of the PR challenges aside?!?!?!?!"

Again, and this time from the heart, kindly go fuck yourself.

What you all need to become is a company that isn't evil, that cares about something other than IRR and User Adoption, that respects humans (including your employees, your customers and your drivers), that understands and follows laws and regulations and that, basically, isn't staffed by sociopathic douchebros.
"...this idea that there’s a physical world, and it’s being manipulated by tech in positive ways, is just super, super enticing to me."
The idea that you think that the physical world's manipulation by tech (illustrated by Uber) is a positive thing is just super, super depressing to me.

The idea that you unconsciously used "manipulated" in this context, about Uber, is super, super telling to me.

The idea that your world view is so myopic and divorced from the reality of the people within it makes it clear that the idea that you're going to make Uber "really, really good at connecting with people" is at best super, super laughable.

Be better.