17 November 2015

What I do

From the responses to my "So... What's next?" post, it's clear that my audience (as tiny as it may be) breaks out into a few different cohorts of a sort. For some of you, the blog post was clear and what I was asking for was understood. And there were, I admit, some of you who clearly decided I'd gone off the reservation entirely. But there were some who made it obvious to me that they didn't understand both the blog post and (perhaps as a result) what I was asking for. For some of you, it's clear that I need to answer the question "What I do" at the very least. And you'd prefer if I also answer "What do I want to do" (and ideally "for what kind of company") as well.

So I'll answer the "What I do" question quickly.

  1. What I do is the result of what I've done and learned. My LinkedIn profile is up to date.
  2. I've written a bunch on this blog over the years about what I do. Here are some examples: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
  3. "I do Corporate Development, Business Development and Strategy" 
Of the three, I'd argue #3 is the least useful but the closest to what people are asking for. So I've tried to make it more useful... I like to work in the circle in the image below.

I hope this clears things up!


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