10 June 2010

Enterprise 2.0 Consultant?

I've never really thought of myself as an "Enterprise 2.0" guy.
Instead - I think of myself more as the kind of person who can help big companies become more nimble and flexible and forward thinking - and can help small companies become big and aggressive.

And then I ended up in the PBworks Top E2.0 Consultants voting.
In fact, as I write this, I (@cbtacy) seem to be #12.

Being on this list has made me thing about what "Enterprise 2.0" means - and about what I really do.

In the end - I think I've concluded that "Enterprise 2.0" is such a fuzzy concept with such a huge range that it's basically meaningless. In reading various definitions - it seems like there is not only no common shared definition, but when taken in total the definitions cover nearly everything someone who does "strategy" work might possibly do.

So... I guess I am, in fact, an "Enterprise 2.0 consultant" just like I do "Strategy" and am a "Consultant."

Of course... maybe this is all just post-rationalization to enable me to feel good about being included and recognized in this manner.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!


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