17 March 2008

snarky quotes

Not that long ago I had an opportunity to write a blog for a "mid-major" media company. When I provided sample copy I was told that my tone was too "snarky."

Now... that's not why I turned the opportunity down (that was due to a combination of lack of time and lack of interest in the broad subject being asked for) but it's a funny comment when you think about it. At a certain level - the whole culture of blogging is about being snarky.

And on that note, today's snarky quote of the day...

Microsoft, the company that never really knew how to effectively innovate -- unless you call leadership in derivative bloatware innovative -- keeps grinding forward with its hostile bid for Yahoo, the company that forgot how to effectively innovate. Awesome! I haven't been this excited since Sears and Kmart merged! -- AdAge


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