02 October 2007

Running fast just to stay in place

One of the most surprising things the team found was how many people are starting their online shopping with search -- more than 54% of the study's panel, in fact. The idea that more consumers are coming to brand sites through the side door of search means search engines are starting to circumvent brands when it comes to online shopping. - AdAge.com

You mean Search is important for marketing and advertising on the internet?!?!
No way!

I swear... there are days when I feel like no-one in this industry is capable of learning.
It would be bad enough if this were simply an article in Ad Age. But it's an article in Ad Age about one of the largest interactive firms learning about what consumers do on the internet.

People people!!!
Wake up!

Oh... and it looks like the long-rumoured purchase of Blast Radius by WPP is about to finally happen. Hope they're paying in Euros not US dollars.


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