26 October 2015

Who the Fuck are these People?

I take MUNI a lot. Mostly light rail.

Anyone who does this has probably noticed the massive demographic shift that has taken place in mid-Market and as demonstrated by the passengers boarding and departing at Van Ness Station.

I figured it might be interesting to do a highly non-scientific analysis of who these folks are or at least where and what they identify with. So today I spent a couple of hours walking around the mid-Market neighborhood and looking at cars. In particular, I was looking at bumper stickers and license plate holders as these can indicate a lot. In particular, they are a good signifier for geographic identity.

What I found:
  • 16 SoCal related
  • 11 East Coast Tri-State Area related
  • 9 East Bay related
  • 3 Mid-Atlantic related
  • 3 Marin related
  • 2 Southwest related
  • 1 San Francisco related
I'm not going to draw any conclusions as the data obviously isn't sufficient.

But I suspect it would be worthwhile and interesting to evaluate more seriously.

And at the very least - this would give some credibility to the claims that the newcomers to SF are not emotionally invested in "San Francisco." Especially given that there were 8 times as many indicators of being passionate about dogs as there were about giving a fuck about San Francisco.


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