18 July 2013

a minor rant

Dear Startup Proto-Libertarians,

The industry you so adore - the technology and innovation which you champion as the answer to all the world's problems - would not exist without government programs, government spending and (thus) our tax dollars.

The Internet (as we all should know) wouldn't exist without government funding. And Silicon Valley as we know it wouldn't exist without defense contracts and government science and research programs.

So when you talk shit about the government, spending, programs and taxes - I'm left with only two choices. Either you are an arrogant and ignorant ass (aka a douchebag) or you are an ungrateful and selfish tool (aka also a douchebag).

Just stop.
It's making the rest of us sick.



PS. Oh... and just so you know... those unions and their "lazy" members you bash all the time? You might want to do some research into where their pension funds are invested. Odds are they're funding YOUR startups. So be fucking grateful for once, mkay?


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