02 December 2010

Dead Media

I was asked this morning, "why aren't you beating up on Rupert Murdoch over this whole ridiculous The Daily thing?"

My answer was that it's like kicking a man when they're down.

Except, in this case, it's like kicking them when they're dead.

Seriously, the publishing industry at this point just makes me sad. If their industry were being disrupted by technology that allowed direct brain interfaces, they would be fighting the change while insisting that everyone should buy letterpress paper publications, suing whoever created the technology (and meanwhile investing millions in a platform that guaranteed that your direct brain interface displayed all such media in the traditional newspaper format).

It's like watching the pathetic drunk wandering on the side of the freeway. You pretty much know how it is going to end up but really... who wants to see the messy end?

So no... I'm not beating up on The Daily like I'm not beating up on PaidContent for their dumb ass article on the Google/Groupon deal and like I'm not beating up on old media pundits for their fascination with Flipboard.

I do, however, wish that someone would have that painful conversation with all of them about it being "time" - about their needing a little more full-time care - about a more relaxing pace surrounded by their peers - about a nice little place in the country where they can pursue their hobbies in peace.


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