10 September 2007

New Things, New/Old Places

Well... it's been an incredible experience here in Portland. It's a great town... and I'm going to miss it.

But I'm moving back to San Francisco.

I've accepted a position with Method.
As has Valerie.
It's really exciting. I've always been a big fan of the people, the work and the vision of the company. I've watched the company grow from a small scrappy studio into where it is now - and now I'm going to get a chance to participate in taking it into the future. Very cool.
There are big plans and big dreams for Method. That's one of the reasons I took the gig. It's one thing to be good people with great talent who do wonderful work. But when you combine that with ambitious goals and a big vision... that's damn hard to argue with.

All I have to say is... watch out world.


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