05 April 2006

words have meaning

For those who don't know - I care a lot about words.

In college, my concentration was Critical Theory.
I love post-structuralism.
Language is cool.

So learning programming languages has always been an odd experience for me. On the one hand the concept of a new, arbitrary and non spoken language that none the less creates meaning but does so in new and different ways (and often through abstractions)... well it's all very cool. On the other hand, the process of learning a new language (and how it is taught and explained and how meaning is perceived and derived) is usually painful and irritating to me. In many ways it not only violates but rejects everything I hold vital about language and communication.

So when I first saw this, I smiled. And then i rejoiced.
It is the first (and perhaps only) example of learning a programming language that respects communication and respects reasoning and respects meaning.

thank you...


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