03 April 2006

Very Cool

I had an absolutely amazing conversation with an old friend yesterday.

It was one of those weird and wondeful moments where a sudden urge strikes and you do something illogical and inexplicable which turns out to be just perfect.

For no apparent reason, I decided I needed to get in touch with Derek Powazek (of Fray and JPG Magazine fame - among other things). It's been years (and years) since we last talked. But I felt like I needed to reach out to him.

So a couple of emails later and suddenly we're on the phone. Very cool.

Our conversation covered a huge range of topics - from our shared hatred of the phrase "user generated content" to our excitement about where the Web is heading these days to our dismay about the lessons not learned in the consulting space. In the end though - the conversation reminded me of all the wonderful people who are in this space - of all the talent and passion and brilliance.

And that, my friends, is why I'm still doing this.


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