03 April 2006

Absolutely Brilliant

Every now and then you run across something someone has written on a blog somewhere this is so correct that you want to stand up and cheer.

50 Reasons Why More People Aren't Using Your Website

Yes indeed!

Some personal favorites from this (most excellent list):

50. Because they just don't want to read what you want them to read
49. Because it doesn't get them sex and/or love
48. Because it doesn't tell them why to use it
46. Because there aren't enough people using it yet to make it useful
42. Because it says "tags" or "rss" and they feel stupid
39. Because they've never heard of it
38. Because they tried to use it, but something got messed up
35. Because it's more than 1 screen to learn, unlike google
18. Because they've got jobs & kids & they're busy
12. Because it doesn't save them a ton of time

And the top three...

3. Because it won't help them with their problem
2. Because it solves a problem they don't have
1. Because they don't want to generate content, they want better life

The honest truth is that if all web sites merely focused on those top three items - we'd all be better off.


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