17 February 2006

into the deep end

And so, I'm back.

After three years pursuing... something; I return to consulting. I return to web development. I return to the wheel.

From Webworks to Reality Factory.
From ISG to N/Volve.
From Netscape to NY Times.
From Fire Engine Red to Rare Medium.
From San Francisco to Bishop.
From publishing to web development.
From software to services.
From startup to public company.
And then away. Climbing in the desert. Pursuing the perfect espresso.

This gets me to Portland. To Stumptown. To a shattered leg and dragonboat paddling.

And all of that gets me to now.
I'm back.

Working at Pop Art.
Helping Mirador.

Consulting. Selling. The web. Startups. Venture.

Consider this a re-introduction. Hello.


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